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(SCORM licences)

Register your clients in scormPROXY and assign them SCORM licences for those courses in your catalogue that they wish to subscribe to.

For each client, you’ll have a control panel with detailed information about that client and the users who access your content.

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Your clients will receive a SCORM connector that they’ll simply upload to their LMS like any other SCORM package.

scormPROXY connectors are compatible with all LMSs on the market: CornerStone, TotaraLMS, EvolCampus, Moodle, Chamillo, etc.


You don’t need to generate a SCORM connector for each client. scormPROXY will recognise your clients automatically based on the URL where their LMS is located.

When you register a client, simply specify the URL of their LMS and send them the generic SCORM connectors for the courses they have subscribed to.


scormPROXY only collects the identifier and full name of the learner viewing the content from your clients. And all this information is stored in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

And if you need more protection, scormPROXY can anonymise that information for clients that require a higher level of protection.

Control and alert management

Control how many SCORM licences you grant your clients for each product. You’ll also be able to specify the duration of the licences, as well as a deadline for the end of the period.

Know at all times how many licences a client has used and how many licences are still available. Set up alerts so that scormPROXY will let you know if a client is running out of licenses.

Tracking on remote LMS and scormPROXY

All the SCORM tracking generated by your content is sent by scormPROXY to your client’s LMS in a completely transparent way. Your clients will be able to view all this information directly on their own platform.

In addition, scormPROXY saves a copy of all tracking you generate. In this way, you’ll have access to this information to improve your products.

Detailed information

For each client, you can track which users have consumed licenses, in which courses they have enrolled, the status of their license, etc.

Additionally, you have SCORM tracking reports, as well as reports on subscriptions by product, by user, etc. Some reports can be exported to PDF format or even to Excel format for greater convenience.

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Monitor the tracking of your clients and view reports to see how their students are progressing. You also have comprehensive reports and reports for each client…


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