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The scormPROXY repository allows you to store all your content, be it standalone learning objects or complete courses, centrally and in the cloud.

Using this content, you’ll be able to create your content catalogue under a remote SCORM licensing model.

scormPROXY scorm cloud repository


Upload SCORM 1.2SCORM 2004 or TinCan xApi content from any authoring tool: Storyline, Rise, IsEazy, ExeLearning, Captivate, Lectora, among others.

But you can also upload PDF documents and videos in MP4 format. ScormNEXT will convert them to SCORM automatically!


Organise all your content in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to our folder system.

You’ll be able to create a tree of folders or categories and place your content in an orderly and easy to locate way.

Easy to use

Once the content has been uploaded, you can preview it directly from the Repository.

See how it’s displayed on different devices: computer, tablet and smartphone.

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scormPROXY scorm cloud products catalogue

Design your catalogue of connectors by combining SCORM content from the repository to distribute them remotely to your clients’ LMSs with dispatch packages.


Take a quick tour of scormPROXY. In this video you will discover how:

> To upload your SCORM content to the cloud

> To create your SCORM dispatch packages (connectors): courses, training pills, etc

> To register the LMS of your remote clients

> To send SCORM dispatch packages and set up licences for each client

> To view SCORM content remotely in an external LMS

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