scormPLAYER - Embeddable SCORM engine for any platform

Transform your web platform into a powerful learning environment with SCORMPlayer.

With SCORMPlayer, importing and playing SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, MP4, MP3, and PDF content is easier than ever.

For companies with internal platforms.

SCORMPlayer, the ideal solution for companies without their own e-learning platform (LMS) but with CMS, CRM, intranet, or a website.

Incorporate SCORMPlayer into your internal platform and manage SCORM e-learning content efficiently and seamlessly, achieving seamless integration with all your platforms

For LMS developers.

SCORMPlayer, the perfect engine for developers seeking to optimize commercial LMS platforms.

Optimize the development of your commercial LMS with scormPLAYER, the ideal external solution for reliable and advanced management and playback of SCORM content.

Sign up now and enjoy a 30% discount for the first 3 months.

No setup costs. Pay only when you exceed 5 connected users monthly.

Test the integration of SCORMPlayer with your platform and implement your project at your own pace. When you're ready to launch your platform with the scormPLAYER engine, we'll invoice you.

scormPLAYER Discover the ease of integrating online training with the revolutionary SCORM engine that transforms your web application, CMS, website, intranet, or any digital platform into a complete Learning Management System (LMS).

Focus on what matters; we take care of the rest

Let SCORMPlayer handle all the technical aspects of your e-learning content, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: creating and maintaining the essential functionalities of your platform. Experience the flexibility of delivering engaging courses and interactive materials without technical complications.

With the new video conferencing module, we open the possibility to offer live online classes without the need to install any additional application or plugin.

From the scormPLAYER console, efficiently manage your content in the repository: upload, update, delete, preview, and verify the functionality of your content, all from one place.

The scormPLAYER API facilitates seamless integration into your existing platform. Upload new content, update versions, and manage your e-learning repository with ease. Additionally, remove obsolete content and access detailed information about packages and connectors in your repository.

The scormPLAYER player provides a smooth and transparent end-user experience. Play any content stored in the repository and ensure flawless and uninterrupted delivery of e-learning courses.

Easily integrate content into your platform by embedding an iframe and redirecting it to a scormPLAYER URL with both content and user data. The integration is straightforward: generate a link that includes platform codes, the SCORM package, the desired content, and the user identifier.

Track end-users comprehensively with scormPLAYER. Obtain detailed data on course accesses, user progress, study times, scores, and more. Accessible reports for strategic decision-making, available both on your platform through our API and in the web console.

As a European company, we are fully committed to complying with current regulations on the protection of personal data. This dedication to security and privacy is reflected in the location of our data servers, strategically positioned in Frankfurt, Germany, a center renowned for its excellence in technological infrastructure.

This choice ensures not only compliance with the strictest European standards for data protection but also top-level reliability and data security for our customers.

Multi-platform, multi-client, and distribution to external platforms

Start your e-learning journey with scormPLAYER and take advantage of our no-cost trial period. Don't start paying until you exceed 5 connected users monthly and experience the integration and functionality of scormPLAYER at your own pace.

Facilitate access to your content through external LMS compatible with SCORM. Control the number of licenses and their duration, offering flexible and controlled distribution to your clients and users.

Choose from our price plans designed to suit your specific needs. Flexible options that adjust to the number of users and frequency of use.

SCORM player for companies without an e-learning platform (LMS) but with their own platform, as well as for developers of commercial e-learning platforms (LMS).

At the beginning of each month, an invoice is generated based on the total number of users who have accessed any content throughout the previous month.

0-200 connected users


201-500 connected


501-1.000 connected


1.001 -5.000 connected users


5.001-10.000 connected users


connected users


15.001-25.000 connected users


25.001-50.000 connected users


> 50.000 connected users


5TB storage space in the repository (additional GB at 0.10€).

We also offer prepaid plans that allow you to avail volume discounts

Special plans for developers of commercial e-learning platforms, tailored to all kinds of needs.

For your peace of mind:
* No setup costs
* Don't start paying until you exceed 5 connected users monthly
*This way, you can test the integration of scormPLAYER with your platform and implement your project at your own pace. When you're ready to go live with your platform using the scormPLAYER engine, we will begin invoicing you.

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