As you know, scormPROXY uses generic connectors that can be shared with all your clients. Later, when accessing content, scormPROXY determines which client the student belongs to based on the URL from which the request is made.

But what if, for whatever reason, it’s not possible to identify your customer’s URL or if your customer uses an LMS with many different URLs or those URLs may be shared with multiple customers? This situation can occur, for example, in the following cases:

  • You have more than one client in a “multi-tenant” LMS (for example IOMAD) whose URL is shared by all the clients of that platform and, therefore, you have no way to differentiate them by their URL
  • You send your content to a reseller who can distribute it on multiple platforms and you can’t know or configure so many different URLs for your reseller.
  • Your client uses some kind of mobile app from their LMS and it is not possible to detect those users based on the LMS URL.

With scormPROXY it is now possible to create URLless clients and generate SCORM Connectors tied exclusively to those clients by their ID, without relying on the source URL. In this way, you will no longer have problems when detecting a client:

  • Go to the Clients section and create or modify a client
  • In the client file, you will see an entry called “Connector Type
  • Choose the second option: “Use linked connectors to this client based on its ID, not the URL
  • You will notice the URL fields disappear as they will not be needed for this client
  • Save changes
  • Now go to the Connectors section and locate a connector you want to send to this client
  • Press the “Download connector” button and the window will appear to select the type of connector you want to download
  • These connectors are generic, so you need to create a specific connector for this client based on its ID, not on its URL
  • Click the button “I wish to download a linked connector to a specific client by its ID
  • A list of clients configured to use linked connectors will appear. Select the client in question and then press the button “Select client and continue…
  • Now you will be able to download the content connector uniquely associated with this client using its ID
  • Remember that these connectors are unique to each client, so you cannot share them between different clients. You will have to create specific connectors for each client that is going to use this URLless mechanism
  • If you use the Customer Portal, clients configured to use linked connectors will be able to download these connectors based on their ID directly from the portal, without the need for you to generate them yourself and then send them to your clients

If you have any questions about connectors by ID, remember that you can contact us at [email protected].