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Integrating scormPROXY into your corporate training strategy

Corporate training is essential for employee development and organizational growth. In an increasingly digital business environment, the integration of efficient technological solutions becomes crucial. One standout solution is scormPROXY (formerly scormNEXT), a platform that offers a “scorm cloud” solution for remote SCORM content delivery. This provides an innovative approach to distributing e-learning courses to external Learning Management Systems (LMS).

In this article, we will explore how integrating scormPROXY can enhance your corporate training strategy.

The challenge of distributing content to external LMS

Organizations managing their own e-learning course catalogs often face the challenge of adapting to the specific needs of clients using their own Learning Management Systems (LMS). The digital delivery of original SCORM content, while essential for flexibility and accessibility, is often a complex process.

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Common issues include:

  • Ensuring seamless integration between the company’s internal systems and clients’ external LMS platforms.
  • Loss of control over licenses and monitoring content usage.
  • Security and rights management issues, where educational materials may be distributed or used beyond agreed-upon limits.
  • Lack of a centralized system for monitoring and managing licenses, leading to an inconsistent user experience and difficulties in maintaining course updates and revisions.

scormPROXY: An innovative solution

scormPROXY presents itself as a comprehensive solution to overcome common challenges in remote course distribution through e-learning platforms (LMS). The platform simplifies this process through SCORM connectors, enabling a seamless connection between the company and external LMS platforms.

A key feature of scormPROXY is its licensing system, providing precise control over content access and usage duration. This platform secures original SCORM content in the scormNEXT cloud, preventing direct delivery to clients.

Moreover, implementing a customized licensing system offers flexibility, allowing companies to adjust settings according to each client’s specific needs.

Step-by-step integration process for scormPROXY

Integrating scormPROXY into your corporate training strategy opens the door to efficient and secure management of your educational content. Here is a step-by-step process for seamless integration.

Step 1. Content upload

Import your materials in formats such as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, XAPI, PDF, or MP4 to the scormPROXY cloud storage. Organize your resources easily by creating folders and subfolders, especially useful when dealing with a variety of content.

Subir archivo en scormNEXT

Step 2. Custom connector creation

Configure your virtual course catalog by creating remote SCORM connectors based on the previously uploaded contents. You have the flexibility to generate multiple variants and combinations based on your needs.

Conectores scormNEXT

Step 3. Client registration

Register clients with external LMS who wish to access your content. Specify for each client which courses from your catalog they can access. Additionally, set the number of licenses or allowed students and the access duration for each course.

Registro de clientes

Step 4. Connector distribution

Provide clients with the remote SCORM connectors generated in step 2 for them to integrate into their LMS platforms as conventional SCORM packages. These connectors do not include your original content but a remote viewer connecting to scormPROXY.

Advantages of integrating scormPROXY into your corporate strategy

  • Content protection and control: scormPROXY offers a robust solution for content protection and access control in the cloud. By maintaining original SCORM content on its platform, it prevents unauthorized delivery and ensures the security of your educational materials.
  • Strategic automation with SCORM API: The powerful SCORM API of scormPROXY enables the automation of daily tasks and efficient integration with external systems. This functionality streamlines key processes, from billing to the transfer of analytical data.
  • User experience and technical support: Enjoy a simple and flexible interface on scormPROXY, designed for easy and accessible distribution, eliminating the need for advanced knowledge. Furthermore, fast technical support with responses within 24 hours ensures a positive and hassle-free experience for users.
  • Efficient remote client management: scormPROXY simplifies remote client management by providing personalized access to specific course catalogs. By onboarding your clients with external LMS, you can specify which courses from your catalog each client can access. This customization capability ensures that each client receives relevant content tailored to their needs.
  • Detailed reports and precise user Progress Tracking: These reports offer a comprehensive view of user participation in courses. Detailed information on individual performance allows your organization to assess the impact of training and make informed decisions to improve and adapt strategies based on the specific needs of each client.


Integrating scormPROXY into your corporate training strategy not only simplifies content distribution to external LMS but also provides precise control over course access and usage. Its intuitive interface, flexibility, efficient technical support, and regulatory compliance make it a suitable choice for companies looking to optimize their digital training approach.

Request a free demonstration and discover how scormPROXY can enhance your corporate learning strategy.


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