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How scormPLAYER transforms your CMS into a powerful e-Learning platform

In recent years, online training has seen significant growth, making the need for efficient e-Learning platforms more important than ever. In this context, tools like scormPLAYER have proven key in transforming a conventional CMS (Content Management System) into a powerful online educational platform.

We will explore how scormPLAYER achieves this transformation and the features that make this tool a standout choice in the world of eLearning.

What is scormPLAYER?

scormPLAYER is a SCORM engine that integrates directly into web applications such as CMS, LMS, intranets, and websites, transforming them into SCORM learning platforms.

Plataforma scormPLAYER

scormPLAYER facilitates the management of e-Learning content, allowing for the import and playback of these materials. It offers functionalities like hosting e-learning content (SCORM 1.2/2004, MP4, MP3, PDF), user license management, content playback, and detailed tracking of user interactions with the content. Additionally, it allows for the distribution of content to external LMS and the generation of detailed usage reports.

Who is scormPLAYER for?

The scormPLAYER engine is particularly aimed at:

  • Businesses without their own e-Learning platform: For businesses that do not have their own e-learning platform but do have a digital platform (such as a corporate website or an intranet), scormPLAYER offers seamless integration. This allows these companies to provide training and professional development directly through their existing systems, maintaining brand consistency and customizing content to their needs.
  • Developers of commercial e-Learning platforms: For developers managing commercial e-learning platforms, scormPLAYER becomes an effective tool to enrich and expand their course offerings. It facilitates the integration of a wide range of e-learning content and provides advanced management and tracking capabilities, increasing the value and effectiveness of their LMS platforms.

Benefits of scormPLAYER

  • Time-saving for developers: It facilitates and speeds up the creation and updating of e-learningAlmacenamiento en la nube platforms.
  • Cloud storage: Minimizes the need for local device space and improves online content access and handling.
  • Centralized content management: Provides a complete system for managing, updating, and monitoring e-learning content.
  • Ease of use and maintenance: Simplifies content management, integrating easily with existing web platforms.
  • Security and compliance with regulations: Ensures data protection, complying with European regulations and using secure servers in Germany.

Features of scormPLAYER

In this section, we show the main features of scormPLAYER that enable converting your CMS into an e-Learning platform.

API and Webservices for advanced management

scormPLAYER offers a robust API that facilitates various operations, from uploading new content to obtaining detailed tracking reports. The provided Webservices, like API_UPLOAD_CONTENT and API_GET_CONTENT_TRACKING, facilitate advanced content management and user tracking.

Comprehensive content management

One of the strengths of scormPLAYER is its ability to manage the import and playback of various types of e-Learning content. Whether it’s SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, MP4, MP3, or PDF documents, scormPLAYER offers a centralized cloud repository to efficiently store and distribute these contents.

Direct integration through iframes

The seamless integration of e-Learning content into your CMS is primarily achieved through the use of frames (iframes). An iframe is an HTML element that allows the incorporation of one web page within another. scormPLAYER leverages this technology to integrate its content player directly into a CMS platform.


You will only need to generate a link to direct users to the content you want to launch. This link includes the platform codes, the SCORM package, and the content you want to launch, as well as the user identifier.

This results in an uninterrupted and cohesive learning experience, as users can access and interact with the learning materials without leaving the familiar interface of their CMS.

Detailed tracking and reporting

User tracking is an integral part of scormPLAYER. It records detailed information, such as the number of enrolled users, total visits, average time spent, and scores obtained. Furthermore, this data provides a deep insight into user progress and the effectiveness of the content.

The generated reports are detailed and can be used to adjust and improve the e-learning content, ensuring that it is effective and engaging for users.

Distribution to external platforms

A distinctive feature of scormPLAYER is its ability to distribute content stored in the repository to external platforms. By controlling access and licenses, scormPLAYER facilitates collaboration and content sharing beyond the platform itself.

Multi-platform and multi-client

If you have multiple platforms where you wish to integrate the engine, there’s no problem. You can manage as many platforms as you need from a single instance of scormPLAYER. This facilitates a consistent and effective learning experience, both for the platform administrators and the end users.

Multi-plataforma scormPLAYER

Access and license management

scormPLAYER offers advanced access and license management, allowing content creators and administrators to control how and where their material is used. They can set specific permissions, such as who can view or interact with the content, and under what conditions. This is especially useful for ensuring copyright protection and for offering flexible business models, such as subscriptions or pay-per-access.

How does scormPLAYER improve the online learning experience?

  • Enhanced Interactivity: By integrating SCORM content into a CMS, scormPLAYERAprendizaje online con scormPLAYER allows for greater interactivity in courses, including elements like interactive quizzes, simulations, and activities that enhance student engagement.
  • Personalized Learning Tracking: scormPLAYER can track individual students’ progress, providing insights into their performance and allowing for the customization of their learning experience.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Being integrated into a CMS, scormPLAYER facilitates access to learning content from any internet-connected device, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Compatibility and Standardization: scormPLAYER ensures that the content is compatible with SCORM standards, meaning that learning materials can be easily reused and shared across different platforms and organizations.
  • Improved User Experience: The integration of scormPLAYER into an existing CMS can significantly enhance the user experience by providing a familiar interface and consistent user experience.
  • Analysis and Reports: scormPLAYER can generate detailed analysis and reports on student performance and engagement, helping educators tailor their teaching and materials to better meet their students’ needs.


In summary, scormPLAYER emerges as a comprehensive solution for transforming your CMS into a potent eLearning platform. From efficient content management to detailed user tracking and the ability to adapt to different platforms, this tool offers a complete experience in the world of eLearning. By leveraging the capabilities of scormPLAYER, organizations can take their educational approach to new levels, making the most of the opportunities offered by online education.


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